No Evil BBQ Pizza


During our courtship days in Memphis, Tennessee, my husband and I often included a stop at Coletta’s Italian Restaurant for their incredibly delicious pork BBQ pizza. Later, after moving to Houston, visits home always included a first stop at Coletta’s to satisfy our BBQ pizza craving. That, of course, was in our pre-enlightened days.
Recently I discover No Evil Pit Boss, which is BBQ seitan with no added oil. I like the No Evil seitan products. All are made with no oil and a relatively low number of ingredients. You can find the Stallion (Italian sausage), Comrade Cluck (chicken), El Zapatistz (chorizo), and Pit Boss (pulled pork) at most stores now. Unfortunately so far I have only been able to find Pit Boss at Whole Foods. (Warning, because these products have no oil they do need to be cooked with a liquid such as sauce or broth. Also, my sister’s favorite trick is to process the seitan in the food processor. You end up with “crumbles” which can easily be added to many sauces and dishes.)
I have made BBQ pizzas with soy curls, but it’s nice when you can open a box, spread the contents on a pizza crust, drizzle with a bit of your favorite BBQ sauce and pop it in the oven.

Pit Boss Nutrition Facts

Along with NoEvil Pit Boss, I like Sami’s Millet and Flax (gluten free) Pizza Crust. I’m not gluten sensitive, but this is one of my favorite pizza crusts. I find it at Erma’s Nutrition Center on NASA Parkway. If you are not close to Erma’s you can order directly from Sami’s Bakery – they are located in Florida. You can also find very thin, vegan pizza crusts at Kroger if you prefer a more traditional pizza crust.

1 pizza crust 
1 pkg No Evil Pit Boss
1 medium onion, diced
1 cup shredded Miyoko’s Mozzerella (optional)
BBQ sauce of choice (I used Whole Food’s Memphis Madness, of course) Steps
Set oven at 425 F.
Sauté onion until soft. Add seitan and a small amount (about ½ cup of BBQ sauce). Let simmer for a few minutes to heat up.
Spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce over the pizza crust. Place the BBQ and onion mixture on the pizza.
If using, spread mozzarella evenly over the pizza (I shaved it so that it was thin). Drizzle a small amount of BBQ sauce over the pizza (it doesn’t need much because it already has BBQ sauce on it). Place in oven for about 15 – 20 minutes. (Mine was ready in about 18 minutes).

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