About Wholistic Kitchens

Wholistic Kitchens is about sharing the good news of what healthy eating can do for a body, and it’s about helping to make it easier for others to practice this way of eating.

Transitioning to a whole foods, plant-based diet can be challenging at first. It’s hard not because it’s difficult to follow, or the food doesn’t taste good –no, anything but that. It’s difficut because it requires a whole new way of thinking about meals, along with a new way of meal planning and shopping. Making lifestyle changes require a commmiment, but the health benefits, which can include disease reversal and weight loss, are definitely worth it.

In the years since adopting these healthy lifestyle changes we’ve learned many quick and easy techniques to prepare healthy, delicious meals. This is what we want to share with others to make it easier for more people to enjoy the health-promoting benefits of a low fat, whole foods plant-based diet.


More About JJean-Rudnickiean Rudnicki

Jean, a freelance writer and regular contributor to the Gulf Coast magazine, Life is Good, developed an passionate interest in plant-based nutrition after first reading The China Study and then attending Dr. John McDougall’s 5-Day Program.

She completed a certification in plant-based nutrition sponsored by the T. Colin Campbell Nutritional Studies Foundation and Cornell University, as well as The Starch Solution Certification Course offered by Dr. McDougall. In addition to the McDougall 5-day program, Jean has attended the Engine 2 Immersion Program and Dr. Baxter Montgomery’s Nutrition Boot Camp.

In 2012 she established the Get Healthy Clear Lake support group, hosting monthly whole food, plant-based potlucks. She moderates the Get Healthy Clear Lake Facebook and the Wholistic Kitchens Facebook group, as well. You can read Jean’s personal story here. The mission of Wholistic Kitchens is not only to spread the word, but to help individuals make a successful transition to a healthy plant based lifestyle.

More About Lynda Hungerford

Lynda Hungerford has always been interested in eating a healthy diet. She stayed abreast of all the latest “Best Seller” books on the topic, and Lynda was a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, serving as a Program Leader for many years. But when her health began to fail an acquaintance suggested she read The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, as well as some of other plant-based doctors’ books. Lynda discovered that by changing her diet to a whole food plant based diet, her health totally changed for the better. Her interests now lie in teaching, studying and encouraging others so they, too, can experience the many benefits this diet provides.

Lynda is a graduate of the Plant Based Nutrition program offered by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and eCornell University. She also holds a certification in macrobiotics from teacher Meg Wolf. You can read her personal story here.

Carolyn seatedMore About Carolyn Williams*

*Carolyn retired in December 2015 to spend more time with family and especially her five grandchildren, all under the age of five. She remains an active member of the Wholistic Kitchens Club support group.

Carolyn’s interest in health traces to her chosen career as a biomedical researcher. She holds a BS in Biology and a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her work experience includes research in the areas of Lipids, Cardiology, Hematology and Endocrinology. Additionally she has worked with diabetic patients in a Wound Care setting. As a Cell Biologist for a NASA contractor Carolyn was involved in the development of tumor experiments performed by the astronaut crew in space. You can read Carolyn’s personal story here.