Checking out the PlantPure Nation 10-Day Jumpstart

PPN Thai Drunken Veggies

PPN Thai Drunken Veggies

Want an easy way to test out the benefits of whole food, plant based eating without having to worry about shopping and cooking?

PlantPure Nation has rolled out its 10 Day-Jumpstart Program.

Individuals can purchase 10 or 20 whole food, plant based (WFPB) meals. The meals are delivered to your doorstep frozen (so you will need freezer space to store them). The meals have no added oil, and little or no salt–you can use your salt shaker at the table.  This is a great way for an individual to experience the amazing benefits of a WFPB lifestyle without having to worry about preparing the food. The meals are priced at around $7 each, and offer a generous portion – I know, because I’m testing them out myself. I’m curious and want to try the meals before recommending to others.

Day 1 of my Jumpstart included a breakfast of cereal and fruit, which I supplied.  Lunch and dinner were PPN meals with a side order of vegetables and salad. I “prepared” the frozen veggies (Brussel sprouts and collard greens) from Steam in the Bag, and I made salad from packaged salad mix with added tomatoes, red peppers and red cabbage. I did make a delicious oil-free dressing, Sweet Tahini, from the PPN Cookbook that came with my Jumpstart kit.

You can buy a “kit” that includes everything you need to get started – not only the meals but also DVDs, cookbook, small portable oven, tote bag, a bottle for your DIY dressing, and a water bottle to boot. Or, you can just buy the meals.

I decided to try the Kale Peanut Bowl with Couscous for my first lunch. It was tasty and

Kale Peanut Bowl with Couscous

Kale Peanut Bowl with Couscous

satisfying. For dinner I chose Thai Drunken Veggies. Again, tasty and filling – not to mention, attractive. The dishes, to date, have also been very colorful. Appeal, matters and these look very appealing.

I will keep you posted as I continue on the 10-day Jumpstart program.


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