Carolyn Williams’ Story

I decided to become a vegetarian almost 28 years ago.  It was a sudden decision after hearing about a high school teacher that took her class to a slaughterhouse so that her students could truly understand how meat comes to be on our tables.  Many of her students became vegetarians after that day and I, too suddenly lost my taste for meat.

I soon discovered Dr. John and Mary McDougall and subscribed to their newsletter.  I bought every book written by Dr. McDougall, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.    I even became a vegan for 5 years.  But slowly the dairy products crept back in.  I suffered from arthritis for several years while I was eating a lacto-vegetarian diet and the weight added up.  Hey, 4 pounds a year doesn’t seem like much until 10 years go by.

In 2009, I attended Dr. McDougall’s 5 day program in Santa Rosa, CA.  After eating the wonderful low fat plant meals for 5 days I realized that I had no arthritis pain!  Since that time I have lost 40 pounds and am pain free.  I am thrilled with all the wonderful cookbooks that support this plant based way of eating and enjoy cooking for my husband who has also embraced a vegan starch based diet.   – Carolyn Williams

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