Whether you are already making the transition to a healthier lifestyle by adding more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes to your diet and excluding animal products, or just beginning, or maybe curious to learn more we offer a variety of services to help you.

  • Classes – our signature course, Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Made Easy, is a comprehensive introduction to a healthier diet. The series of three classes introduces you to what a whole food, plant based diet is and is not, what to cook, how to cook, along with a host of cooking demonstrations of quick, easy, tasty dishes. Each individual class offers sample-tastings galore to help get you started on a healthier path. In addition you will receive tips, shortcuts and an abundance of resources. We also include a free grocery shopping tour to help you locate and identify healthy products.
  • Food Coaching – one-on-one sessions offer assistance in helping you successfully transition to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. We can help anywhere in the process, from first steps to advanced. Don’t know where to begin? We’ll guide you through the transition. Feeling stuck and not making progress? We’ll help you tweak your diet for optimum results. Intimidated by soy and not sure what to do with it? We’ll show you how to prepare wonderful, delicious dishes.
  • Cooking Demonstrations – our fun cooking demos show quick, easy ways to get more veggies into your diet. We offer a variety of cooking demonstrations ranging from Meals in Minutes to Healthy Dessert. Perfect if you are looking for a new program for your organization, or a health day demo at your company.